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Experience the Convenience of CEREC Crowns

When the function and esthetics of your teeth have been harmed due to cavities, cracks, or other flaws, we can restore their natural strength and attractiveness with dental crowns in Brooklyn, NY. Likewise, if damage or decay requires extraction and placement of a dental implant, it will need a tooth crown restoration. Dental crowns will allow you to eat without difficulty, speak and laugh with complete confidence, and smile fully and without hesitation. With same-day CEREC crowns, we can give you these benefits all within a single appointment. Schedule your one and only CEREC dental crowns appointment today and have your new restoration designed, created, and placed in under two hours at our office!

Why Patients Choose CEREC Dental Crowns

  • In-house process, from start to finish
  • Same-day design and attachment
  • Treatment completed in a single appointment
  • Beautiful, durable, and natural-looking crown
  • Leave our office with your final restoration
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The CEREC Tooth Crown Advantage

CEREC technology can make high-quality dental crowns in-office in under an hour. While other offices send their crowns out to a lab for fabrication, we’ll be here to provide you with your final restoration on the day of your appointment. Dental Art Care has made the investment in this revolutionary technology not only because they want to deliver superior dental care, but also to give you faster, more convenient treatment.

Our Same-Day Crowns Process

To optimize the function and fit of your dental crown, our team first captures a digital impression of your problem tooth using our iTero intraoral camera. Using CEREC design software, we’ll turn these digital images into a virtual crown, careful to customize it to fit perfectly over your tooth. After the design is completed, we’ll send this information to our in-house milling machine where it’ll be fabricated while you sit comfortably in the chair.

Once fabricated, we polish the new dental crown, then ensure proper fit and esthetics before attaching it securely to your tooth. This entire process can be completed in just over an hour. Everything from the size and shape to the shade of your new crown should match perfectly!

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CEREC Dental Restorations

You’ll only need one appointment.

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