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Tired of Your “Gummy Smile”?

Say “Goodbye” with Crown Lengthening

Strong, healthy teeth are the best foundation for any smile, but they’re not the only contributing factor to a beautiful one. Your gum tissue plays a big role, too. Ideally, gums should be proportional to your teeth as well as healthy. When you have too much gum tissue—a condition called a “gummy smile”—your teeth can be in great condition, but not provide the esthetics you want. You may be worried that your teeth appear too short or too much gum tissue shows when you smile. If you’re dissatisfied with how your smile looks, we have a solution. Dr. Saleh Elahwal can eliminate an unattractive gummy smile with crown lengthening. This simple yet effective cosmetic dentistry treatment, completed right at our Brooklyn, NY office, might be just what you need to feel confident in your smile once again. Best of all, it’s virtually painless with our laser technology!

Choose Laser Crown Lengthening

  • Virtually painless procedure
  • Instantaneous results
  • A beautifully proportioned smile
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Less chance of tooth decay and disease
  • Make way for restorative treatments
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Minimally-Invasive Laser Treatment

With laser-assisted crown lengthening, our highly experienced team gently zaps away a portion of gum tissue from around the base of every tooth crown. While doing this, we’ll take great care to ensure the new gumline arches symmetrically and esthetically over each tooth. This process makes more of the surface of your teeth visible, eliminating the “short” tooth look you may have noticed before. If your crown lengthening is for more functional purposes, removing this gum tissue will provide access to more of your tooth for cleanings, dental crowns, or orthodontics. While we offer traditional scalpel-based treatment, most of our patients opt for this minimally invasive alternative! Instead of needing to cut away your gum tissue, we can use a laser to vaporize it virtually painlessly. Using a laser, we can also complete your treatment faster and with greater precision. You’ll notice a brand-new look and be able to return to normal activities the day of your procedure!

Stop living with a gummy smile.

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