Digital Smile Design - Brooklyn, NY

See How You’ll Look with a New Smile

Virtual Smile Planning with Digital Smile Design

If you’re dissatisfied or embarrassed about your smile, we invite you to experience our esthetically driven cosmetic treatments using Digital Smile Design. We can help you achieve the gorgeous smile you desire and let you see what it will look like before beginning any treatments. Dr. Saleh Elahwal takes advantage of many technologies for a variety of procedures here at our Brooklyn, NY office. A truly revolutionary cosmetic dentistry process, Digital Smile Design is a software we use to virtually design the final representation of your smile. Using our own cosmetic dentistry expertise, we’ll create a custom new smile that fits proportionally inside your mouth and as part of your natural facial esthetics. But more than treatment planning for us, this technology lets you participate in the creation of your new smile, giving you more personalized and stunning results.

What to Expect with Digital Smile Design

  • See your new smile before we start treatment
  • Participate in the design of your new smile
  • Feel confident in the result of treatment
  • Know the steps we’ll take during treatment

Take the First Step

Dr. Elahwal has years of experience in cosmetic dentistry and have many patients with beautiful smiles to show for it! You can be one of them too! Take the first step toward a new smile by completing a consultation at our Brooklyn, NY office. We’ll learn about what you currently don’t like about your smile and what you’d like changed. Your new look may require one or more treatments to achieve, but we don’t complete any of them until you’re first satisfied with how the virtual representation looks. We begin that process by taking high-resolution photos of your face as you smile and talk. With you giving us insight into how you want your dream smile to look, we then use our Digital Smile Design software to adjust and enhance your teeth virtually. You will be able to see what you’ll look like speaking and smiling with brand new teeth! We know you’ll love the results because you helped create them!

Design your dream smile with us!

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