Missing Teeth - Brooklyn, NY

Permanent Replacement for Lost Teeth

The Trouble with Missing Teeth

If you have one or more missing teeth, you’re probably finding it difficult to speak or smile without worry. You might be longing for your favorite foods, which are impossible to eat without a full set of healthy teeth. Left untreated, those gaps in your smile can harm your physical health, too. Without tooth roots in place, your jawbone won’t get the stimulation from chewing it needs to remain healthy. Even one lost or extracted tooth can lead to the bone underneath decaying and receding. You’ll be susceptible to more teeth being lost and a decline in your natural, healthy facial appearance. All these functional issues can influence your smile esthetics and take a toll on your emotional health, too.

Don’t let missing teeth keep you from living a confident and healthy life! We offer proven treatments to restore your lost teeth and bone in our Brooklyn, NY office. Using such advanced treatments as dental implants, we’re able to permanently replace any number of missing teeth, giving you greater function, beauty, and quality of life.

Halt These Problems with Missing Teeth

  • Lost facial appearance
  • Difficulty eating most foods
  • Decline in self-confidence
  • Increased social embarrassment
  • Jawbone resorption

Dental Implants from a Skilled Team

With their advanced training, Dr. Saleh Elahwal and the team here at our Brooklyn, NY office can restore your missing teeth and give you a new lease on life. Dental implants, the strongest and longest-lasting option for replacing your teeth make this possible! We’ll surgically insert strong titanium posts into your jawbone and then attach natural-looking dental crowns, both of which are designed to last the rest of your life. We can replace one, several, or a full arch of missing teeth with dental implants, often in a single appointment! If you currently have dentures and aren’t ready for full arch dental implants, we can secure them with implant supported dentures. You won’t have to deal with denture adhesives or fear your denture will fall out! When your dental implants are fully healed, you’ll once again be able to eat the foods you love and feel great showing off a beautiful, straight smile to others!

Let’s permanently replace your missing teeth!

patient smiling after implant supported dentures procedure Brooklyn, NY