Full Mouth Dental Implants - Brooklyn, NY

One-Day Smile Transformations Found Here

Restore Full Tooth Function and Esthetics

Missing all or most of your teeth doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll never experience pain- and worry-free speaking, eating, or laughing again. If you’ve lost most or all your natural teeth, don’t give up hope! Full mouth dental implants in Brooklyn, NY offer you the chance to transform your smile and your life in one day with a durable, beautifully natural-looking set of teeth that function like normal! If this life-changing solution interests you, we encourage you to schedule your free consultation with our team. Pulling from over three decades of experience, Dr. Saleh Elahwal provides a personalized experience that can take you from your current oral health condition and transition you into a significantly better quality of life!

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Experience Full Arch Dental Implants

  • A glamorous smile of beautiful teeth
  • Full dental function for eating most food
  • Speak clearly and confidently
  • Feel attractive in a youthful smile
  • Enjoy a more social, active life

Planning and creation of your new smile - Full mouth dental implants

Our Guided Full Mouth Dental Implants Process

The success of your dental implants is directly related to how much training and experience the doctors have, in addition to the technology they use. Dr. Elahwal has the expertise and the advanced technology to give you a brilliant smile—with predictable, long-term function. 

Dr. Elahwal has undergone advanced training in dental implants and has helped countless patients experience the life-long benefits of full mouth dental implants in Brooklyn, NY.  Your treatment begins with a personalized consultation and custom treatment plan. From here, we’ll digitally map out your surgery and create a special surgical guide printed with our 3D printer. On the day of your surgery, you have the option to receive sedation, including IV sedation which will keep you free from pain and fear during your procedure. Using the acclaimed CHROME GuidedSMILE™ system, we’ll precisely place four or more dental implants in your jaw. If their primary stability is sufficient, we’ll be able to attach a temporary set of teeth in the same visit meaning you leave the same day with a completely new smile! You’ll return to our office at a later date to receive your final bridge of strong, life-like teeth. Enjoy the natural function and beautiful esthetics your new teeth provide!

All-Inclusive Implant Care

If you’re missing most or all of your teeth, it’s not unlikely that you’ll need a few preliminary treatments before you’re ready for implant surgery. If you have any remaining teeth, we will first need to complete tooth extractions—often at your same surgical visit—to make room for your dental implants. Bone loss in your jaw will also need to be treated before implants can be safely placed. With bone grafting techniques, we can restore the needed volume and density to support multiple implants. We’re proud to offer such comprehensive implant care right in our Brooklyn, NY office and encourage you to schedule your first consultation with our dentists today!

Transform your smile—transform your life.

dental patient smiling after procedure Brooklyn, NY