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Our general dentistry practice has a comprehensive array of services to treat many dental problems, all in our convenient Brooklyn, NY office. Dr. Saleh Elahwal has exceptional training and experience, bringing years of proven dental care to you and your family today. This includes everything from cleanings and dental checkups to more involved cosmetic, restorative, and orthodontic procedures. Dental implants—the only permanent tooth replacement in dentistry—are one of our most popular services because they can effectively transform lives with life-long function and esthetics, no matter how many teeth you’re missing. Whatever the state of your oral health, we encourage you to schedule your first visit. We’re excited to provide superior general and family dentistry services for everyone who walks through our doors!

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Top General Dentistry Services

Dr. Elahwal focus on providing preventive care so you’ll need fewer and less complex treatments throughout your life. Our proactive approach includes dental cleanings and evaluations to ensure your mouth is in tip-top shape. Stay ahead of dental problems by scheduling your appointment now.

If clenching and grinding your teeth has become a habit, you risk wearing down your teeth and developing issues with your temporomandibular joint. We’ll keep your teeth and jaw safe with a custom mouthguard that lets your muscles and joints relax.

If you’ve never had a cavity, there’s always a chance you’ll suffer from one in the future. When this happens, we’ll provide composite fillings. These esthetic alternatives to amalgam fillings match the color of your teeth. No one will ever know you had a cavity!

We can give new life to cracked, discolored, or chipped teeth. With cosmetic bonding, we’ll cover these imperfections and simultaneously strengthen your tooth with tooth-colored composite resin. This resin can be matched to the shade of your tooth for optimal esthetics.

If you’ve noticed your teeth are a little crowded or crooked, we can reposition them with personalized Invisalign® aligners. These transparent plastic aligners provide discreet treatment and are easy to remove when you eat, brush, and floss.

When your teeth don’t come together properly, you may find it difficult to eat or that your jaw is sore a lot and your teeth seem worn down from grinding and clenching. We’ll make minor adjustments to the surfaces of your teeth to restore a more harmonious bite, allowing you to enjoy daily activities once again.

We can help you overcome your dental anxiety and experience more comfortable treatment with our custom sedation dentistry services. We offer a variety of levels of sedation, including nitrous oxide and IV sedation.

We can straighten your teeth, improving your health and confidence, with fixed and removable orthodontic options. We offer Invisalign®, ClearCorrect, and SureSmile® clear aligners, as well as traditional braces and spring appliance systems from Vector III®.

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